This Is Your Day For A
New Beginning.

“How did life get to be so difficult?”

“I’m just stressed.” You’ve been telling yourself that for far too long. Things are not getting better. Sleep isn’t what it used to be. There used to be a sparkle in your eyes that was proof of life. There used to be more laughter that spoke of confidence. Not anymore. Most days it feels like you are just barely holding on while pasting a smile on your face.

“Something is unsatisfying in my relationships.”

Somewhere beneath this crust of worry and disappointment you know you love the people in your life. “So, why do I just want to be alone?” you ask. The escape fantasies of getting in your car and just driving are frequent. Lately, that unrealistic dream is about all there is to look forward to. And there’s that fleeting thought, “Are people pulling away from me? Or, am I drifting away from them?”

Life has become a stressful tug-of-war. It alternates between repeating worries and feeling disengaged from everything. “How can I get my balance back?” you ponder. You’re sick and tired of being yanked back and forth between the feeling, “I don’t care anymore” and “I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“Are relationships really supposed to be this hard?”

The right kind of therapy can make your relationship shed the barnacles of anger, distance, and the feeling in your gut that you are trapped in a war zone with your partner.

Couples therapy can help you hear the song of love again and trade the dance of anger for the dance of closeness and intimacy. If you had termites in your house you would call someone. What about the termites eating away at the house of your marriage or relationship?

“But can anyone really understand me?”

It feels good to have someone really listen to you. And if that someone already knows the terrain of where you’re going, there’s a feeling of being safe. You are in good hands when someone has the background to give you steps and tools tailored to your unique situation. It’s compassion and expertise, listening and interacting. This is the beginning of change that matters.

When we work together, you’ll see how each session brings new possibilities. We discover the very perspective you’ve been trying to find.

Make no mistake. This is not about you being led blindly. This is working together with eyes wide open. It’s you and me uncovering the sign posts hidden by dull routines and months of frustration.

“But how can things really get better?Do you have some secret to therapy?

Yes! There really is a secret to the way I do therapy. That secret is in the unique way I listen to you and interact with you in order to bring out the best in you.

I am passionate about you having less stress and more satisfying relationships. I understand where you are now and how to get to where you want to be.

“I’m ready for change, if only I knew how.”

There’s no question in your mind that something has to change. But a person can only try for so long before getting discouraged. None of us has unlimited effort to throw at a challenge. With a guide, you can discover peace of mind before you run out of effort. And then the magic happens: that music you hear is the sound of momentum. It’s you changing!

Therapy can help you discover a clear path, a set of steps, tools and the skill to use them. It’s time for fresh insights, and a self-awareness that allows you to make decisions you can live with.

It’s about feeling more alive. It’s about unleashing your best self.

This is your day for a new beginning. Start now.

I like to start with a free 15-minute phone consultation where I can listen to what’s uniqueabout you and your situation, ask some questions, and answer your questions.

Contact me now if you are ready to discuss how therapy will give you the newdirection that you’ve been craving.

Types of Therapy